Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Louis Vuitton: Malletage

For his first Louis Vuitton fashion show Nicolas Ghesquiere, found inspiration in the original Louis Vuitton trunk in the form of the distinctive pattern inside Louis Vuitton's signature travel trunks, created through the Malletage technique.

This ancient Malletage technique consisted in threads of ribbons applied to the interiors of the trunk lids through a 'taping' technique which created a diamond pattern.


Nicolas Ghesquiere said: "Louis Vuitton refreshes the world of Fashion with an untiring ebb and flow of retrospective and fresh perspective". The Malletage story is about combining the past and the future using traditional patterns with innovative materials.

Ghesquiere's modern take on the Malletage technique is found on the Doc Bag, Pouchette Flap, and our all time favorite Alma BB.

Read the whole story on Sayidaty.net here.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Day 2: Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2015 Show

"A beginning is a very delicate time. Day zero in the heart of the project, code-named GEHRY014. A ship surrounded by a gigantic woodland, a ship made up of 3,600 glass panels and 15,000 tons of steel, a ship that serves as an incubator and ignites our fellow creative minds. Oh, yes, I forgot to tell you, today, October 1, the Louis Vuitton house wants to explore the ability to travel to any part of the universe without moving. The journey starts here."

That was the awe inspiring introduction to the spring summer show held at the Fondation Louis Vuitton.

It was the first time that the Fondation Louis Vuitton, adjacent to the Bois de Boulogne, welcomed any guests in the newly minted Frank Gehry creation.

The structure big, bold and imposing was the perfect location for Nicholas Ghesquiere's collection for the Maison. The collection, a cross between the 1970s and art deco, was perfectly paired with the location to supplements its strength rather than overbear it. 

The pieces shown as part of the collection exuded a sense of artistic nostalgia but maintained a modern appeal. Leather trimmings were scattered on most pieces, as was a favorite overdressed look, sequins! Not to mention the stunning sky blue epi bags with a new LV buckle and the most coveted petite malle on the very top of our wishlist!

It was an honour, and a great pleasure to have been one of the few people invited to experience the Fondation before it was opened to the public on a perfectly sunny Parisian day.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Louis Vuitton Doc Bag

The Louis Vuitton Doc Bag was one of the highlights of our Paris trip. We love the fact that it is a new take on the iconic Speedy which, every girl has in her closet.

The Doc bag boasts one handle-cool, and super versatile in our opinion. We would wear this at any given moment because we love using things for their functionality and beauty. 

We'd carry the Doc bag cross body to work and run errands afterwards. For the evening, we would remove the strap and be perfectly dinner-ready!

Check out the full coverage in Arabic on Azyaamode.com here and for the English story click here.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Day 1: Paris Fashion Week with Louis Vuitton

Paris is always a good idea!

It's an even better idea when it is with one of the oldest and most prestigious fashion houses in Paris, Louis Vuitton. 

Romanticism is so overpowering in Paris, getting lost between one petite rue after another and finding yourself in poetically perfect gardens is the dream, that is the allure of Paris. 
With Louis Vuitton we embarked on such reveries on our first day in Paris, we started at Place Colette dressed in deep burgundy culottes and a navy blue cape sweater from the pre-fall 2013 collection and the roomiest fuchsia Lockit bag. The Lockit is discreet, it is an ideal bag for city dwellers and travellers because it could fit everything but the kitchen sink!

We then ventured into what almost feels like the secret gardens of Paris hidden behind La Comédie Française to the Jardin Palais Royal. Saying it is beautiful is an understatement, the richness of the gardens and the walls surrounding the garden speak of so loudly of the events of yesteryear. You can't help but feel like you'll be transported a la Woody Allen in Midnight in Paris!

Our next stop was Pont Alexandre III, possibly if not certainly, one of the most ornate (overdressed) bridges in the world! To which we wore an equally ornate and overdressed Louis Vuitton look from pre-fall. This was probably one of our favorite looks as it ticks all the overdressed boxes, midi length bordeaux coloured sequined dress worn with a short sleeve sequined embellished angora sweater and over the knee leather boots. Perfection.
The Alma BB in Monogram Vernis was the perfect addition to the look, not to mention that the Alma is one of our all-time favorite handbags.

Of course no trip to Paris is ever complete without visiting the landmark Louis Vuitton Champs-Élysées boutique. After being shown around the shop floor we were quickly whisked away to the haute maroquinerie salon where all the customised Louis Vuitton bags are made, the choices of leather colours and exotics are limitless. 

It is the pinnacle of Louis Vuitton’s craftsmanship and the ultimate shopping experience. The exclusive service allows one to create a unique bag of their own, by choosing the style, the leather and the color according to preference. Owning an haute maroquinerie bag is one of the highest most refined forms of luxury.

After gawking at all the leather options and dreaming of the perfect customisation…a trip into a black elevator took us to the rooftops of where fashion meets art at the Espace Culturel.

We were in an exquisite Louis Vuitton pre-Fall Winter 2013 look carrying the ever so special Malletage Alma BB and wearing over the knee leather boots.

Just before parting the store we said goodbye with an incredibly shaped redder than red Doc BB Epi. Thank you Louis Vuitton for an incredible day one!

Grab your copy of Harpers Bazaar Arabia out today to see the entire coverage of TheOverdressed in Paris with Louis Vuitton.

All photos by the wonderfully talented Aldo Sperber

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Press: Buro247.com/me

Thank you Buro247.com/me for this lovely coverage.

For the complete story see here.

Second Avenue32XTheOverdressed Pop Up in Bahrain

Due to the great success and overwhelmingly positive response to our event in March 2014, we held our second event of the year in October. The event hosted by yours truly in partnership with Avenue32 welcomed guests with new season pieces from cutting edge international labels in the most stylish of settings. 
Avenue32.com is a UK based online retailer and has quickly become one of the most talked about luxury fashion sites! British Vogue placed Avenue 32 second in its poll of one hundred of the finest eCommerce websites around today.

Our event in March was one day only, but due to the huge demand on supply and shoppers, this time around we held a THREE day event. Day 1 was by invitation only for guests of The Overdressed and Avenue32.com. 
On Days 2 and 3 October 23rd and 24th respectively everybody was welcome to come and discover the collection of international designers such as Tanya Taylor, Vika Gazinskaya, Alice Temperly, Vivetta, Antonio Maras, Vilshenko, and many more!

It is rare that you are able to touch, try and experience pieces which you purchase online. At our event we provide our shoppers with the opportunity to do just that, we make the virtual, reality for three days which is not something many online retailers do. We provide a real shopping platform to give the shoppers a feel of what Avenue32 is all about so their next purchases are made with ease knowing the quality the site offers.

Our venue this time was also very special! We welcomed our shoppers at Oliveto a beautiful restaurant in Bahrain newly designed by renowned Italian architecture firm EMGA Enrico Mari Grego Architects. It has a cool urban vibe which is very in keeping with Avenue32's look.
Guests were treated to canapés and finger food from Oliveto's kitchen and entertained by jazz while shopping. Our guests left with gift bags from Avenue32.com and The Overdressed which had an Avenue32 discount card, TheOverdressed dinner candles, and Green Bar essential oils.
Me in a stunning Tanya Taylor creation sold on avenue32.com

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


We love a good collaboration because, what’s better than two great minds coming together to create something incredibly beautiful?

The two great minds we speak of need no introduction. Nathalie Trad, Queen of Clutches and Deena Aljuhani Abdulaziz, of D’NABoutique have come together to create an exclusive collection of Trad’s clutches reflecting D’NA’s sensibility as a showcase for modern luxury and East meets West style.

The collection, inspired by the Art Deco movement of the 1920s and 30s is aptly named “L’Espirit Deco Modern” consisting of four one of a kind clutches in copper, shell, wood and a trompe-l'œil technique to mimic the look of marble. How very overdressed!

To create a collection inspired by the art deco era, Trad drew inspiration from cigarette cases, minaudière, and compacts created by haute jewellers of the Deco period. In doing so, the designer’s aim was to create an objet d’art which is timeless and could be passed on as an heirloom.

Behold the collection of four marvelously sculpted (and marvelously named) clutches launching exclusively on FarFetch.com on  2nd October, 2014.

The Adler

The Dixon

The Leon

The Raleigh, my favourite!

Shop Nathalie Trad’s exclusive collection for D’NA and FarFetch.com on October 2nd, 2014 at www.FarFetch.com

Celebrating Lanvin

Last night we had the pleasure of celebrating 125 years of Lanvin which also coincided with the grand opening of the shop-in-shop boutique in Saks Fifth Avenue Bahrain.

For such a celebratory event we were dressed in a stunning structured Lanvin fall winter 2014 runway look, and accessorized with a collapsible lilac python clutch, really too cool for words!

We also had the chance to discover Lanvin's new collection displayed in store, falling in love with everything was so easy, especially a silver tweed jacket that we did not want to part with!

Like everything Lanvin,  the night was chic and playful with Polaroid shots and cute over-sized accessories stealing the show!

Merci Lanvin for a wonderfully, fun, French night!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Talents of Arabia: Liudmila Women's Luxury Footwear

When my friend Najeeba Hayat, told me she had planned to abandon her future in politics, I hugged her really tight and said "thank god, you're too fabulous anyways!"

"So what, what do you see in your future?" I ask, she says...SHOES as she plunges into my pool. 

The next two hours immersed in water under the summer sun we talk shoes, Cineralla's shoes (not the glass slipper), salmon, floral appliques and lavender boots, it all sounded like a dream, and now it is a dream come true.

I'm fiercely proud of her, and incredibly honored to know someone so passionate and hard working.

Liudmila Footwear is entirely made in Italy and will be available in Al Othman next season. Meanwhile you can follow them on instagram @liudmilahq

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


If you have ever wondered what a couture experience feels like, wonder no more as we take you into the fantasy couture world of renowned international couture designer, Ashi.

On a hot summer's day, we were invited to visit the stunning Ashi atelier, and like everything beautiful, rare and exotic the atelier wasn't exactly easy to find. Nestled amongst the beautiful old buildings and ancient trees of Beirut's charming Achrafieh district, you get the feeling you're strolling into a scene from a film noire. Just as we were looking right, left, up and down for a sign to a couture atelier, a man appears on the sidewalk and asks, "are you Dana?" puzzled at this question I hesitate a yes, and the man says “Ashi is waiting for you."

As soon as he leads me into a stunning wrought iron gate entrance he disappears.  I find myself standing in front of a set of antique stained glass French doors, I am about to knock when the doors open and I step into a black and white marbled floor foyer where I am greeted by the lovely Mona, Ashi's head of PR. She is warm and courteous as she leads me into a jaw droppingly, perfectly symmetrical reception room where three fall winter couture dresses are hanging.

I gasp. It's incredible.

Before I sit down, the talented Ashi walks into the reception room smiling, through a set of narrow French doors and we instantly start chatting interiors, couture atelier interiors that is. I tell Ashi how beautiful everything is especially the ceiling, he tells me it has been imported from Venice. Can anything be more overdressed?! I’m in heaven!

Once we get past couture interiors we start chatting couture and royalty. Ashi tells me his new couture collection which came out the day I visited is entitled “The Exiled Queen” depicting a fallen maharani with precious possessions, gowns, jewels and treasures, but no home to her name. She is beautiful and regal yet melancholic and dramatic, exactly the adjectives that would describe the couture collection if you’d seen it without any background about the artist’s inspiration. 

Ashi and I walk over to the three dresses hanging in the reception room and he explains to me the process of beading and embroidery on gazar, a fabric he uses in most of his pieces to maintain sculpture and volume, but he also tells me it is one of the most difficult fabrics to embroider on. Beautiful things don’t come easy. I approach a white jumpsuit piece with green stones, and I turn to Ashi with hearts in my eyes and I say this is incredible (by now I’ve run out of adjectives and synonyms for amazing and beautiful). With a huge smile he tells me, they’re sapphires! I’m literally speechless.

Just then the lovely Mona joins us and Ashi turns to her and says why don’t we dress Dana up in the new collection? They both lead me to the far corner of the reception room where narrow French doors open to a closet full of Ashi couture and I’m handed my first dress to try on, a bustier dress with a large voluminous side worn with a cropped beaded sleeveless top to go over the bustier. The innovative thing is the dress can be attached to your ankle so your couture won’t get in the way of your fun!

Next I put on a white jumpsuit, with an incredibly large tail and cropped sleeves top beaded with green sapphires, I’m really beginning to feel like a maharani by this stage. I then put on what Ashi calls, his favour piece du jour, a red robe embroidered from top to toe. The genius thing about this piece is that although it is beaded and heavy, the weight is distributed so evenly that the robe has just one closure point, at the waist, so that you are hugged by this extravagant piece of art.

Finally, I put on a classic Ashi piece consisting of a short beaded dress and a semi-full skirt over the waist. If putting on a fantasy felt like anything it would feel like putting on this cream perfection.

Time really does fly when you’re having fun, so sooner than I wanted to, I had to put on my civilian clothes and venture out into the non-couture world to think about all the fantasy and drama that I was immersed in. But just as I am about to go Ashi leaves me with another surprise by telling me, that the collection has not yet been revealed to anyone and I had been the first to see it and put it on, an honour I will never get over! Thank you Ashi!

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