Wednesday, April 16, 2014

D'NA and FarFetch in Kuwait

It was such a pleasure to celebrate the launch of D'NA on luxury marketplace FarFetch in Kuwait.

 A large celebration was called for and totally merited as we are proud and excited for D'NA to be the first Arab boutique on FarFetch.

To such a celebration and an incredibly fashionable event, we wore (you guessed it) Erdem Spring Summer 2014.

The night was full of beautiful conversations that flowed and flowed, we were most intrigued by the way FarFetch works and the incredible amount of work and detail it takes to manage such a marketplace.

Like everything chic, the night ended on a sweet note with a beautiful gift presented to us by D'NA and FarFetch, comprised of an EddieBorgoXDNA rose gold bracelet on a coppery maroon silk strap. As if that wasn't enough, yours truly is now a VIP FarFetch if we needed more reasons to shop!

Not forgetting, the beautiful hostess Shorouq Al Ghanim, thank you for having us at your stunning home.

Shop the D'NA Selection at FarFetch here.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Shrimpton Couture: Oscar de la Renta 1960s Vintage Couture

Nothing is as rich and unique as wearing vintage, so when a beautiful overdressed friend urged us to contact vintage queen Shrimpton Couture, we took her overdressed advice in a heartbeat and were left in awe of Shrimpton's collection of treasures on

We were on a mission, as we needed a beautiful summery evening dress to wear to our beloved friends' outdoor wedding, and although we were very distracted oohing and aahing at the treasures that were on the site, Cherie, founder and owner of Shrimpton Couture was precise, concise, and knew just what we needed for the night. 

Cherie dedicated herself to our case, a few suggestions and a couple of email exchanges later, the magical blue and gold 1960s Oscar de la Renta couture dress emerges, and it was love, love, love at first site.

"It is a special type of really unusual textured organza" writes Cherie of the dress, "it has a really textured feel to it and has a slight starched feeling to it holds its shape. Onto this, gold thread has been worked in to highlight the vibrant screened on design. The pattern is fantastic - blues, greens and purples flowers are everywhere, with shots of hot pink, done on a deep blue backdrop. The upper bodice is fitted and has a extravagant ruffled collar. It also has its original wide matching fabric sash belt!"

With that description, and Cherie's images, we were sold! Two days later, the dress arrives in Bahrain all the way from Canada. When we received it, it was even more beautiful, more rich and more overdressed than the pictures depict, and we couldn't help noticing how shockingly light the fabric is too!

We styled the dress with vintage gold bangles, gold Cariter earrings, a boxy Chanel hangbag and our brand new Christian Louboutin Pigalles (finally we have Pigalles).

The night, the dress, the wedding were nothing less than magical, everything sparked under the April moon shine.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Press: Khaleejesque

Thank you Khaleejesque for the lovely coverage! 

To read the original article on Khaleejesque click here.

Weaving Colours Festival: An Initiative by the Ministry of Culture

Yesterday evening we had the pleasure of witnessing all the beautiful (and might we add overdressed) traditional craft that our little island has to offer at the Weaving Colours Festival at the National Museum with our special guest from Kuwait, Confashions.

In an initiative to promote Bahraini heritage and talent, the Ministry of Culture offers local traditional craft workers, artisans, entrepreneurs and contemporary artists to showcase their products and activities during the annual festival.  It also offers musicians and folk artists the opportunity to revive and perform popular music and folk songs! 

We were completely in awe of the Bahraini women who weaved gold threads, process known as kurar, directly into fabric, creating the traditional Bahraini thob, still worn by many women in Bahrain. The crafty ladies explained that it takes four women to weave the gold into the desired fabric. Three women hold on to different parts of the thread while one women sewed it on to the fabric.

Around the corner from the crafty ladies were the crafty men, weaving baskets and fabrics.

Contemporary Bahraini artisans such as Green Bar were also included at the Festival. A special "wardrobe scent" collaboration was formed between the Ministry of Culture and Green Bar in celebration of the Weaving Colours Festival. Everything is made in Bahrain, the sketch on the box is hand drawn by Green Bar founder, Sheikha Reem Al Khalifa, the almond shaped wardrobe scent is hand made in Aali by pottery artisans and infused by Green Bar with 100% organic essential oils such as sandalwood, lavender and bergamont.

Much was also to be discovered inside the museum! A beautiful display of traditional Bahrani thobs and Bishts were generously provided by the ruling family for the display of traditional (and VERY overdressed) garments.

Our favorite type of Bahraini thob boasts the naqda techniqueNaqda is a word used in the past to refer to the weight of silver. Previously in the region women's dresses were designed using real silver threads which were bought by the gram and are sewn using a special type of needle. These dresses were referred to as designed using "naqda" or silver threads.

Another impressive and beautiful piece on display was the late Emir, Sheikh Isa bin Salman Al Khalifa's bisht made with kurar embroidery which produces beautiful ribbons of gold zeri, silver zeri and briesam that are made by hand and used to decorate clothing. 

It  is the result of a group effort  in which the width of the final product depends on the number of women involved in the process. The Qataba sits opposite her partners (as in the photo above),  who assume the role of the Doakhil, holding and weaving  several strands at a time while the Qataba guides the process  and attaches the ribbon as it  forms directly onto garments.  While the popular korar zeri  makes an appearance in many  different styles of thoub, the breisam version is reserved exclusively for men’s clothing. 

The festival runs until April 9, 2014 at the National Museum. If you cannot make it, we strongly suggest you download the beautifully done PDF file.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Talents of Arabia: Nojoud AlSudairi

One of the greatest honours in fashion is to be illustrated by an artistic talent, and yours truly has been sketched!

In this particular case the artistic talent behind the stunning sketch is none other than  Nojoud Al Sudairi a freelance artist/designer based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Her work is inspired by the sights of the modern day art and infused with the rich culture of Saudi Arabia. 

The original photo Nojoud drew inspiration from was one which my Mr. Overdressed took while I was instaraming the outfit I am wearing, namely Erdem SS14 and Aquazzura's a vicious circle, because "technology owns us."

Instagram: @Nojoud_

Thursday, March 27, 2014


Thank you for this lovely write up. Click here for all the details.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Avenue32XTheOverdressed Event

It was an honour to host London's coolest new kid on the, online retail, block in Bahrain on March 22, 2014. For our exclusive one day shopping event we gathered some fashion forward ladies to Green Bar's super cool industrial space to experience Avenue32's avant-garde selection of established and up and coming designers.

Avenue32's beautiful blonde founder, Roberta Benteler, explained the concept behind the  site and what drove her to start up an online shopping platform. Roberta explains that there are so many young designers who produce exceptional shoes and clothing, however, their operations are so small there's only so much exposure they can bring to themselves. Enter Benteler, who buys up their collections and shares them on for all of us to be a part of!

Roberta was dressed in Giles Deacon and Annelise Michelson collar. Yours truly was dressed in one of the up and coming designers on Tanya Taylor, and what a dress that was! 

The accessories corner was flooded with beautiful young ladies picking up several versions of the Lulu Guiness lips clutch, Venessa Arizaga necklaces and Marie Mercie cat hats as worn by me on instagram @theoverdressed.

In the end, no one of course left empty handed, our giveaway bags contained discount cards, Avenue32 USB stick, Green Bar Body Oil, and Overdressed engraved William Di Carlo candy all the way from Milano, because we always end on a sweet note!

All the beautiful items that were displayed at the event are available to be purchased immediately from

Monday, March 17, 2014


Something exciting is happening soon...


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Navy Lace

An influx of marriage celebrations is taking place this March much to our delight, because that means overdressing! For this particular outdoor wedding, we pulled out a little Erdem number which we have been dying to wear from the pre-fall 2013 collection. A little late, we know, but everything Erdem is timeless...

For starters, we love the fact that it is a rich shade of navy blue, an elegant all time classic colour. Then we go on to the fact that the sleeves are long, all the while staying ultra feminine in point du tulle. Who doesn't love a good dose of dotted tulle?!

The little white sweetheart bodice stops way above the knee and is overlayed with rich navy blue lace that continues on for miles as a sheer skirt. The dress is fun, flirty and most of all very feminine. This is the reason we love Erdem because you never once fail to feel like a lady, yet comfortable enough to be a dancing queen!

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Flower Girl

March is finally upon us, that means beautiful blue skies, warm temperatures and lots and lots of weddings! 

We kick start wedding season with a beautiful day time wedding, to which we wore Erdem from my favorite collection, Spring Summer 2009.

As the dress is a treasured piece and one from the archives, we gave it a little floral update by way of a baby's breath and rose head piece, it turned out to be the crowning moment of the entire look.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Lulwa Al Amin: Gold Caged Gown

A few weeks ago we were invited to Bahraini designer, Lulwa Al Amin's studio, to view her spring summer 2014 collection. The collection, like all of Lulwa's previous collections, was lively and playful, Lulwa says of her clothes "I like to make clothes that are fun!"

The spring summer 2014 collection was inspired by her recent trip to India, where Lulwa found she loved the way Mahrani Gayatri Devi dressed. Mahrani Gayatri loved pastel coloured chiffons and silks and there's always an element of tongue in cheek in the way she dressed.

Accordingly Lulwa made a collection of dresses, sari like tops, plazzo pants and gowns all of which had an underlying regal yet playful charm. 

One of our favorites was this beautiful baby pink and gold gown, complete with barely visible graphic paper-like print, and a gold cage!

To order please contact 
Follow Lulwa on instagram @lulwaalamin

Monday, December 9, 2013

Green Bar at Qout Market Kuwait

Qout Market is the first and largest community farmer's market in Kuwait launched this year in November as a joint collaboration by PLTQ8's Nouf Hussein and Oven Experiments' Budour Al Qassar.

Qout Market is held on the first Saturday of every month throughout the growing season until April. At the second Qout Market, Green Bar Inc, from Bahrain joined as a vendor of botanical and all natural oils for the face, body, hair and home. 

We had so much fun playing assistant to Green Bar throughout the day, whilst also stealing some time to find the perfect local food vendors! We'd definitely go back to Qout every month if we could because the atmosphere, the crowd, the vendors, and the produce came together effortlessly.

Boutique N: Cool is an understatement

While in Kuwait over the weekend we did not pass up the opportunity to stop and shop at one of the coolest the world. Yes it's that cool.

 Al Jawhara's evening look Viktor & Rolf jacket and Balenciaga Tshirt worn with Ek Thongprasert x Natasha Goldenberg Necklace

My lovely Confashions picked us up at our hotel and drove us straight to Burj Jassim where the lovely owner of Boutique N (@boutiqueN), Al Jawhara Al Mahdi, had opened up the shop especially for us on a Friday! 

 Confashions in her stunning jacket

Al Jawhara's edit and selection of clothing is impeccable, brands like Isa Arfen, Tzipporah, Isolda and Vika Gazinskaya were amongst those that graced the rails.

Vika Gazinskaya cuffs

Beautiful Vika Gazinskaya skirt
It was so hard walking out of the boutique because something beautiful kept catching our eye and dragging us back inside. In the end though we all walked out with something very special. 

Thank you Al Jawhara for an amazing time at your boutique!

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