Monday, April 30, 2012


We are so overjoyed and thrilled that we cannot possibly contain our excitement! Here's the big news, our all time favorite dress, the Rumina from Erdem's Fall Winter 2008 collection, has made it the Victoria & Albert Museum for the Ballgowns: British Glamour since 1950s exhibit.

You may recall the dress from our December 2010 Overdressed Birthday post

Here is the Rumina dress again from a different angle

If you find yourself in London from May 19 until January 2013, you must by all accounts, go to the V&A and see this amazing exhibit celebrating one of our all time favorite pieces of clothing: the ballgown.

Read all about the exhibit here.

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Properly Pastels

We just love the hot sunny summer months, so we are majorly pleased that summer is here in full effect! Now we all know that not everyone feels this way, but rather than complain (it is not overdressed to complain) about the heat, stay cool in some of this season's sweet pastel shades!

Our favorite is Lulwa Al Amin's pastel coloured flamenco print beach cover up tunic. We could not wait for our Mediterranean vacation so instead, we paired Lulwa's tunic with baby yellow Zara pants, turquoise Nancy Gonzalez crocodile clutch and our favorite summer wedge by Christian Louboutin.

See, you cant possibly complain about the heat when you are wearing something this cute?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Combining Art and Fashion: Calligraphy Dress

The world of calligraphy flows with rich forms and shapes. It's an art that has circled the world due to its intricacy and beauty.

So much so that Qumar 14 has a made a dress boasting silver embroidered Arabic letters. Not only does it look three dimensional it is! The letters pop out and the silver threads shine brightly in the sun light!
The amazing thing about the dress is its versatility, complete with elbow skimming sleeves and stopping just at the knee you can wear it to just about any occasion, be it day or night. 

Once you've belted the dress at the waist add your shoe of choice. High heels or flats? You know what we'd go for!

To purchase your own Qumar 14  piece and to immerse yourself in art and fashion, be sure to visit Dar Al Funoon, Kuwait from April 29 to May 1st, 2012. See all the details below, happy shopping!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Sonia's Little Ladies

The thing we value greatly about designers is their originality. Sonia Rykiel is the queen of tongue in cheek, that is what makes wearing her pieces so much fun!

Like this dress, cut in a simple A line with large short sleeves, has the most unsuspecting pattern of little dancing ladies all over it!

It is the perfect length for a dress to wear running around doing errands (sleeves are a major bonus, you can skip the cardigan) so really all you need is a tongue in cheek attitude (and yellow wedge sandals) to rock a little Sonia Rykiel! 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hey Minnie!

As you know we kind of had a dress up party at Razan Alazzouni studio last weekend! Be warned that it is not a place where you can leave empty handed because EVERYTHING is beautiful.

Of the many things we covet is this little Minnie Mouse inspired red and white polka dotted top with white satin trim from the Threads by Razan Alazzouni line.
The top is worn here with main line Razan Alazzouni white skirt from 2009 (again, good clothes don't get old) Balenciaga necklace, and Louboutin wedge. 
Go ahead, let the little girl in you come out!

Threads by Razan Alazzouni will be available at Pretty Little Things (@PLTQ) Kuwait from April 28 to May 1.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Overdressed Corporate: Closing deals, moving mountains...

This is for the working woman, one UBS VP in particular who has asked us many months ago to do an Overdressed work wear post.

So without further ado we give you, Overdressed Corporate, the woman who closes deals and moves mountains yet looks great no matter what! Didn't Marget Thatcher look foxy her whole time in office? She did! And so should you!
Here's how. First and foremost keep it respectful (even slightly prudish), then keep it super basic.

Here we wear, black H&M cap sleeved fitted dress, covered up with a white Tara Jarmon jacket from Sufana Boutique. To show them you mean business, accessories speak louder than words, especially Prada accessories. The shoes are super versatile, black patent "we mean business pumps" paired with a wild yet sophisticated bag which will hold more than your keys and Hermes notebook and will translate well for after work outings!

Don't be shy, show them you can look great and mean business, show them the Margret Thatcher in you!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mega Summer Stripes!

Our senses are heightened this time of year with spring in the air! Somehow this weather sends us reminiscing to the Mediterranean. We can almost smell the pine trees, the eucalyptus and the lavender...ah the Mediterranean!

To honour this feeling of summer bliss we pulled something super Italian out of the closet with as many horizontal and vertical stripes as beach beds and umbrellas! 
So here we are in a Fendi dress from 2009 (good clothes don't get old) basking in summer sunlight! Happy Sunday!

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